His Management of Sugar Group Companies Shows Gunawan Jusuf’s Business Sense

From his powerful post as Chief Executive Officer of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has a daunting task ahead of him every day. Gunawan Jusuf has led the way to enormous growth for many sugar products, developing some of the most well-known products in the country. None is more popular than Gulaku, a commercial refined sugar product that has become a household name everywhere in Indonesia.

The Sugar Group Companies isn’t exactly a single company. It is actually a collaboration of many businesses that operate independently, while also working as part of the larger collective, working to meet the goals of the overall organization. He has shown a remarkable ability to make sure that every element of the company is making everyone else better. He has to oversee the operations for a number of diverse and independent Indonesia-based sugar companies in a way that benefits the entire organization as a whole. These companies grow and refine sugar for some of the most popular products in Indonesia. Gunawan Jusuf must manage the operations of numerous plantations, refineries and offices located all over Indonesia.