Gunawan Jusuf, Notable Indonesian Sugar Tycoon, Dabbles in the Literary World

Several years ago, Gunawan Jusuf wrote a book and then published it because he hopes that it will change the attitudes of many regarding water and other natural resources. The book, which is entitled “Blue Gold,” includes a remarkably frank discussion of the high value of water, as well as its relative scarcity. Given that water is the most important and precious commodity in the world, he hopes that the book changes some attitudes.

Given his strong business background, Gunawan Jusuf has come to understand better than most exactly how important limited natural resources can be, not just for life, but for economy, as well. He is the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies. That means he doesn’t actually run a single company. Instead, he manages the inner workings of a diverse collection of independent companies that grow and refine sugar for a wide variety of very popular sugar products in Indonesia, including extremely popular brands like Gulaku, which is now a household name in Indonesia.