Proficient in His Role: Executive Gunawan Jusuf at Sugar Group Companies

It should surprise no one that Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published a book last year that talked about the high value of water, not just to human life, but also to business. The book, entitled “Blue Gold,” documents the relative scarcity of water and cited it as the most crucial and precious commodity in the world. Given his business record, of course Gunawan Jusuf understands better than most how precious and valuable natural resources like water can be.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sugar Group Companies, which is where Gunawan Jusuf oversees an assemblage of independent Indonesia-based companies that grow and refine sugar used in many of the most important consumer brands in the country. As CEO, he is required to administer and manage a number of plantations and refineries throughout Indonesia in a way that serves the needs of the entire organization. Despite the enormous challenges, Gunawan Jusuf has led the Sugar Group to enormous growth over the years, including developing some of the most popular brands in Indonesia.